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Elizabeth Black

An Erotica Writer's LiveJournal

May 30th, 2009

I'm Participating In A Writing Challenge @ 03:11 pm

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I and many other Midnight Seductions authors have pledged to write 25K words in the month of June as part of a writing challenge. I see no problem in doing that, since I have plenty to work on. I want to finish "Dangerous Curves" by the end of June, and my deadline for "Bad Moon Rising", my erotic romantic werewolf story, is June 10. Reaching 25K words will be no problem at all.

Here are the people participating in the writing challenge. The list is stolen from cassandra_gold.

Cassandra Gold
Beth Wylde
Luisa Prieto
EM Lynley
Qwillia Rain
Tess MacKall
Cassidy McKay
Elizabeth Black
Savannah Chase
Kissa Starling
Jade Twilight

I will update here periodically as I work on my two stories. This is going to be fun, and I feel very enthusiastic about it.
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Elizabeth Black

An Erotica Writer's LiveJournal