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Elizabeth Black

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May 30th, 2009

Working On Some Fiction Now - Finally! @ 03:04 pm

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I'm trying to finish off some sex toys work a little early so that I may take the next few days and write fiction. I'm working on a new erotic romantic werewolf story, something I've never done before. My deadline is June 10, and I'm reasonably sure I can make that deadline.

Going to work on "Dangerous Curves", too. It has occurred to me that I have not described what my main character, Catherine Stone, looks like. I need to add that to the story. The scene I'm on now is her time with her lover at a health spa/golf resort. I can get that scene finished this weekend.

Otherwise, I'm going to relax watching movies and episodes of "Breaking Bad" that I rented from Blockbuster. Been hearing so much about that show that I had to check it out. I rented Season One.

May 29th, 2009

Friday Random Ten - The Neurotic Romance List @ 11:29 am

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Since I have a scorching case of the blahs, I've got to do something to cheer up. So... Friday Random Ten! I haven't done that in ages. Here's my list. Turn your iPod or iTunes onto Random and select the first ten songs that come up.

1. Fluke, "Absurd"
2. Final, One, "1983 - 1987"
3. Delerium, Chimera, "Love"
4. Lamb, Between Darkness And Wonder, "That Thing (Open Up)"
5. Trance Nation 2, "Aptness - The Answer"
6. Necrophorous, "Lost Land - Part 1"
7. Biosphere, Patashnik, "Mir"
8. Future Trance Vol. 20, Arome, "Hands Up"
9. Republica, Republica, "Holly"
10. Adiemus, Songs Of Sanctuary, "Kayama"

So, what's on your Friday Random Ten list?

Neurotic Romance, Anyone? @ 11:17 am

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I've been having a couple of blah days, which inspired this bit of inspiration:

How about this for a new romance genre: Neurotic Romance

Erotic romance is very popular so why not Neurotic Romance? As out of it as I've been feeling lately, I'm game for the new genre. It's got "Lifetime Movie" written all over it.

May 28th, 2009

Feeling A Little Down Today @ 06:32 pm

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For some reason I feel down today. Nothing's wrong. I have lots of work and fiction to keep me busy. Money is good. Nothing stressing me out. I am just having a blah day.

I did start a new werewolf story I'm calling "Bad Moon Rising". I've never written a werewolf story before, and I'm enjoying it so far. I just won't push myself much until I feel better. I have to have the story finished by June 10. I think I can pull it off.

I submitted my f/f/f erotic story "Neighbors" to Torquere this morning. I wanted to sub the story to Torquere for a few months, but I kept forgetting about it. Turns out the story is a great fit for one of Torquere's anthologies. I hope it gets selected for publication. Stories are due by June 1, and I'm glad I already had this one written. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Typepad, Twitter, and Facebook... Oh, My! @ 12:08 am

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Does anyone else reading use Twitter and Facebook? I started using both recently, and I'm wondering if anyone else thinks they are mostly a waste of time. I like to play the applications on Facebook, especially Cute Catz (my favorite), Willy's Sweet Shop, Lil Blue Cove, Lil Green Spot, and African Safari. I don't think Facebook and Twitter are really all that great for publicizing my books, short stories, and articles, though. Twitter is especially useless because you don't get many words to work with, and the Trending Tweets are for the most part stupid.

I noticed that when I search for "Elizabeth Black" on Google that my LJ and my MySpace pages come up on the first page, but my blog doesn't come up. I have no idea why that's happening. I've decided to use my LJ more and keep updating my MySpace page whilst linking on both to posts on my blog. I've had that blog for many years, and I am not giving it up.

So... anyone else think Twitter and Facebook are nothing but wasteful time sucks? I'm starting to think that's exactly what both are. I'm glad I didn't invest a lot of time and energy into them.

Articles Coming Out Soon From Sex Is Magazine @ 12:02 am

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I just started writing for Sex Is Magazine, published by EdenFantasys. My first article about erectile dysfunction should be live pretty soon. I'm working on my second article now. It's about food and sex, namely which foods are aphrodisiacs and - very interesting - how foods affect the taste of a man's semen. There are foods that make it taste bitter, so if you want to improve the taste of your jizz, there are certain foods you need to cut out of your diet and other foods you need to add to make your jizz taste sweet. Want to know what they are? You'll have to read the article when it's published. Har har.

I'll post here when both articles are live. I'm still working on the food and sex article. I hope to have it finished by Sunday.

May 25th, 2009

The Haunting Of The Sandpiper Inn - Release Party June 1 @ 02:11 pm

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Come to my Monday, June 1 chat for the release of my paranormal erotic romance, "The Haunting Of The Sandpiper Inn". This book is published by Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. The chat will be live in the Midnight Seductions chat room from 8 until 10 pm EST. Here's the link to the chat room:


Also, anyone who buys "The Haunting of the Sandpiper Inn" will get a free read from me - my short sweet (no sex) paranormal fantasy "The Storm". All you need do is e-mail me proof that you bought "Sandpiper Inn", and I will send you the free read. Isn't that special?

I love ghosts, and this is a haunted house romance novel set in the fictitious town of Norwich, on the northeast coast of Massachusetts, where I just happen to live. The book will be released in June, 2009.

I've relied on my love of a good ghost story and my penchant for bringing unusual characters together when penning this fun little tale. My main character, Martha Ellis McKay, is a psychic who is writing a book called "Haunted Cape Ann", so that she can pay her electric bill, rent, and World of Warcraft habit. However, deep down she is a skeptic who doesn't take kindly to the fake mediums out there. Ellis is a grouch who has most of my good - and bad - qualities. I like this character very much. She meets her match in John "Beck" Becker, the resident skeptic of a ghost hunting team who is also on hand to investigate the Sandpiper Inn.

Here is an excerpt:

"I’ve heard of the Sandpiper Inn, but I've never been to it before," Jim said. "Beck has been with us for four investigations so far, and he's been invaluable. It's good to have a skeptic on the team because he keeps us honest."

"I suppose he also helps you find everyday explanations for what you might mistake as phenomenon."

"Yes, he has. He's a professional photographer, and he's debunked quite a few photos fans had mailed to us."

He Who Must Boast About Himself spoke up again.

"He does good work, but he's a little too skeptical of psychics for my taste. I've contacted a large number of entities, yet Beck has his doubts. It would be interesting if he suddenly believes in psychics because of you. I've bent over backward trying to convince him we are for real, but he has his doubts."

Could be because you’re such a pompous ass.

"For instance, I sense… What was that, White Feather? A fisherman?" He closed his eyes and held his hands out in front of him as if he expected to poke a ghost in the chest with his fingers. Ellis had to give him credit for putting on a good performance. His eyes burst open, and his gaze panned around everyone at the table.

"There is the spirit of a fisherman in this building! This was not always a restaurant!"

My, but he looked very satisfied with himself. Ellis wanted to burst his bubble so badly she couldn't resist putting him in his place.

"Of course it wasn't always a restaurant," Ellis said. "If you read the sign on the street, you'd know this cottage used to be temporary housing for fishermen who cleaned their catch when they returned from sea. It was not originally built as a restaurant, although I'm looking forward to the food."

She felt a hand brush her leg. Beck held his hand in front of his mouth, trying his best to stifle a laugh. He clearly enjoyed Ellis ribbing Alan Horner.

"Are you mocking me, Miss McKay?" Horner sounded miffed since she took the wind out of his sails by telling him any idiot could have ascertained the building was originally a fisherman's hut.

"Not at all. I'm just saying the information you have could have been found elsewhere. Any skeptic would point those facts out."

"You beat me to it, Ms. McKay," Beck said with a grin so wide it threatened to split his head in half. To her relief, Beck saw she had a level head on her shoulders. She wasn't one of those wispy psychics who saw spirits roaming in every corner. She wanted to convince him not only was she the Real Deal, she had a skeptical mind of her own.

She also would do anything to prevent Beck from lumping her in with the likes of Alan Horner.

"So you doubt the spirit of a fisherman roams this building?" Horner sniffed.

"I honestly don’t know if one does. I didn't come here to contact spirits. I came to get a big bowl of clam chowder and a gin and tonic."

Beck laughed. He leaned toward Ellis and spoke in a quiet voice, obviously so Mr. Famous Psychic wouldn’t hear him.

"Well, it looks like you put Alan Horner in his place. That doesn't happen often enough, in my opinion."

"I don't want to get off on the wrong foot. I'm just starving. I also don't like to make myself available to spirits on an empty stomach. I usually get headaches if I go hungry."

"Plus Alan Horner is a pompous ass."

Is he reading my mind?

"I never said a word."

"You don't have to. You don't like him. It's all over your body language."

"So I'm an open book. He grates on my nerves, and I don't even know him. Ghost sightings and contact are not nearly as common and exciting as television psychics make them out to be. Alan Horner included."

"I agree with you. I also find it interesting you would make such a comment since you claim you are psychic yourself."

"Being psychic is not very glamorous. Have you ever talked to dead people? They're boring. And the intelligence quotient could use improvement."

Beck laughed. "Now I have never heard anything of the sort before. You definitely have my interest, Ms. Martha Ellis McKay. Ghosts are boring? I had no idea."

"You truly don't. I hope deep down my stay is worth the effort, but I can get by with the chapter in my book. Legends are legends, after all. People want to believe, and I feel fine letting them know what the legends are."

“Even if you never experience manifestations.”

"I never said I don't experience manifestations. I do, mostly when someone has something important to say to me."

"Do you think someone at the Sandpiper Inn has something important to say to you?"

"I honestly don’t know. I hope so. It would be more than welcome."

"I'll admit I want the same thing. I may be a skeptic, but deep down I want to believe." He made a point of staring into her eyes. "If you actually contact someone I will be your biggest fan."

At his last words, her heart skipped a few beats. She was determined to win him over. Those hazel eyes looked very inviting. She could get lost in them. When she realized she stared into his eyes a little too long, she glanced away, feeling suddenly shy.

"Let me contact someone first. Okay?"

"You have a deal. Now let's enjoy the delicious clam chowder. I'm starving."

Free Read - Maneater @ 02:04 pm

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Update: My first novel, "The Haunting of the Sandpiper Inn", will be released by Whiskey Creek Press Torrid on June 1. This e-book is paranormal erotic romance. I will give away a copy of my free short sweet (no sex) paranormal fantasy "The Storm" to anyone who buys a copy of "Sandpiper Inn". Keep an eye on my blog for updates regarding the free give-a-way and the new novel.

This is my first free read short story, and I dedicate it to readers of the blog Pharyngula and its host/owner, PZ Myers. They helped me out with the Preditor and Editors poll awards. This story is entitled "Maneater", and it's erotic horror. This story also includes illustrations done by Gary A. Gabbard. I'm very happy with the story and the illustrations. So, enjoy my very first free read! You may find it at this link:


Here's a mirror site in case you can't download the PDF from the Comcast site. I might have exceeded bandwidth at Comcast. Thanks to Pharyngula reader Mike Young for helping me with this.


Here's a brief excerpt. Just go to either link above to read the whole thing. I had an absolute blast writing this story.

He stared at the way the dress hugged her form, and because he couldn't help himself, he lifted the spaghetti strap with two fingers and slid it back into place on her shoulder. Instead of removing his hand, he let it rest on her warm skin. The nerve endings in his palm jumped at the touch, tingling as he let his hand run down the length of her arm. Eyeing up her body he raised his other hand to rest his palm against her other shoulder. She's not resisting. Good. I know what I want, and she knows why I'm here. I'll probably find out what she knows about Olly, too. Her skin felt warm and moist, sweaty and slick from the heat. Inhaling deeply he took in her musky scent. His palms itched from merely touching her skin but he didn't care. He wanted to feel her, to get inside her, and he knew it was only a matter of minutes until he got her where he wanted her.

She drew closer to him and whispered in his ear. "First, let's get you out of these wet clothes. I have a clean towel and I will dry you off."

One by one, she undid the buttons on his shirt until she was able to slide it down his shoulders. Although he didn't want to stop caressing her arms, he let go, and the moment he did he saw the red rash on his palms Where did that come from? As the shirt fell to the floor she squeezed his biceps, taking his mind off his hands. Her long fingers dug into his taut muscles, arousing him further with her touch. In the bright light of the bathroom the welts on his arms looked ugly and raw. He itched as if tiny little bugs crawled beneath the surface of his skin, begging to be dug out.

"What happened to your arms?" He had forgotten Haseena stood next to him.

"The knotweed vines," Darya said as she squeezed ointment onto her palm. The ointment smelled like wintergreen and lavender. Very pleasant. "Sap got on him."

She rubbed the ointment onto his forearms, and immediately the itching stopped. Feeling immense relief with the itch subsiding, he relaxed as her hands rubbed ointment onto his arms while Haseena massaged the tight muscles in his back. He melted into her embrace as she pressed her full lips against his shoulder. Her tongue working his skin, leaving a trail of saliva along his neck. His skin tingled, much the same way his mouth tingled when he had licked Darya's fingers at the Barima. Although he wasn't sure where the sensation came from – or why it came – he enjoyed it. He didn't care, he didn’t want an explanation. He just wanted to lose himself in the sensation of it all, especially as they wasted no time getting down to business, which was what he wanted from them in the first place.

February 27th, 2009

Anyone Play Second Life? @ 04:29 pm

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I've been curious to try Second Life for a few years. Any LJers play it? I know the membership is free, but you can buy Linden dollars. What are they, and what do they get you? I'm thinking of creating a throw-away character just to try out the game to see if I like it. Then, if I do, I'll delete that character, create my real character, and play for real. Can people going in alone not knowing anybody enjoy the game? Also, how do I find the kinky areas on Second Life? I know there are lots of kinky things going on there, and I want to get in on the fun. Photobucket

So, if you know anything about Second Life, tell me in comments. And tell me how to find you!

February 22nd, 2009

Release Party March 5 For "The Storm" @ 10:47 am

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My short sweet paranormal romance "The Storm" will be released by
Forbidden Publications on March 5, 2009. Come to the Midnight
Seductions group from noon until about dinner time March 5 for
my advanced release party! I am hosting a contest, and a lucky winner gets
a FREE COPY of "The Storm". YAY! CONTESTS!!!


Looking forward to seeing everyone there on the 5th!!


The Storm
By Elizabeth Black
March 5, 2009
Forbidden Publications
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
Rating: Sweet (No sex. Unheard of from me. LOL!)


"The Storm" will be released on March 5, 2009.


After getting caught yet again with another man's wife,
Robbie walked to Salt Island from the shore to nurse
his wounded ego and his wounded face. He falls into a
drunken sleep and awakens to find himself trapped on
the island since tide came in - and a nor'easter is coming.
He has to get off of this island before the storm hits. To
make matters worse, the ocean is glowing an iridescent
maroon. That could only mean one thing - an appearance
of notorious pirate, Captain Samuel Black, and his ship,
the Prospero. Robbie calls his best friend, Ian, and his
former girlfriend, Kate, to get him off this island. Kate
is now Ian's wife, but Robbie still carries a torch for her.
Will Ian and Kate get Robbie off that island before the
storm and the pirate find him first?


I wallowed in a little self-pity, crying
like a spoiled toddler, kicking my legs,
pissed at myself for not waking up in
time to get off this fucking rock.

My troubles were just beginning, and dealing
with my wife and Dean's junkyard dog madness
was mild compared to what I saw churning on
the horizon.

Thick gray clouds surged far out over the ocean's
surface like the bile that ate my stomach lining.
Fog the color of lead hung low on the horizon, i
ts mist reaching beyond the crashing waves. Cracks
of lightning split the sky, interspersed with thunder
that I felt through my ass rather than heard through
my ears. Seagrass between the rocks snapped in the
rising winds.

That nor'easter would definitely get here long before
twelve hours was up. Nor'easters were nothing to
brush off as a little hard rain. Those high winds could
easily hurl me to the rocks at the base of the island,
or they could completely bypass the rocks and hurl
me out to sea. That is if lightning didn't fry me first.
Salt Island was a granite and seaweed lightning rod.

The storm wasn't going to bypass Salt Island just
because I was stuck on it. I had to find a way back
to shore before it blew me there in little, broken

What scared me more than anything was that the
ocean glowed an iridescent maroon. It wasn't the
color you see when phosphorescent plankton float
on the waves. This was a sickly putrescence I had
heard about in stories my best buddy Ian used to
scare the shit out of me with when we were kids.

A huge nor'easter surrounded by a glowing ocean
meant only one thing, and I did not want to be here
when HE showed up.

When the winds rose high, when the sky was the
color of pitch, and when the ocean glowed blood
red, Captain Samuel Black and his ship The Prospero
emerged from the fog that rolled over the ocean
waves, coming ashore in search of revenge.

Late at night on weekends, Ian would tell that story
in his best Vincent Price voice, and he would scare
the pants off me every time. After several hours of
monster movies playing on Creature Feature, Ian's
dog rolling over could get me shrieking like a girl.
Kate, my old girlfriend who later became Ian's wife,
used to get on his case about spooking me so much,
but she wasn't much help herself because she usually
just sat there giggling the whole time. I didn't mind so
much because she has a cute giggle. I think both of us
actually pulled this stunt for her benefit. We just liked
to make her laugh, so Ian would tell his ghost stories
and I would pretend to be terrified, except I wasn't really
pretending all that much. He'd turn off the lights, light
some candles, and move the popcorn out of my way in
case I jumped. It wasn't fun picking popcorn off the floor
after I kicked the bowl into a lampshade. He scared me
all the same with those stories after we were in college.

Elizabeth Black

An Erotica Writer's LiveJournal